Maximus GRC

The Potsonline Maximus GRC collection is a high strength composite stone product. It is much lighter in weight than traditional cast concrete, and much easier to handle.

All GRC Pots and Planters are of Commercial Grade and are robust. This makes them a popular choice for Developers, Builders, as well as Landscape Architects for the Commercial Building and Landscape Industry. We specialise in Large GRC Garden Planters and oversized GRC pots. Potsonline is the home of large pots.

At Potsonline, we also Custom Design and make GRC Planters to customers size and colour specifications. This is part of our Custom Design Pots program. We have partnered on many commercial projects with Builders, Developers, Shopping Centres, Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels and Local Councils.

With a vast selection of shapes and sizes, together with chic modern colours on offer, our GRC pots range is sure to delight. It is one of our most popular ranges. With many bigger sizes available, Potsonline Maximus GRC pots have been very popular with commercial projects, along with residential use.

The GRC Range includes trough planters, cube planters, bowls, round planters, cylinders, urns & pedestals, and feature garden planters. Potsonline also stock an extensive variety of large planters.

Wholesale GRC pots are also available from Potsonline both individually and in sets. Items can be packed on pallets for road transport or picked up from our Sydney store at Dural. In addition, Maximus GRC Pots are available in our container direct program, with 20ft, 40ft and 40ft high cube containers available.

Colours vary from Pot to Pot. Below is a list of Colours available throughout the range, and each individual pot lists the colours available. Please contact our team on 1300 730 269 to discuss Custom Colours that can be manufactured for the entire range.

All concrete based products can be prone to surface hairline cracking due to shrinkage and expansion in weather. (Note: this is not structural damage and will not put the structural quality of the the pot at at risk). For aesthetic purposes, fillers such as builder bog can be used in any cracks, sanded, and then painted to match original colour finishes. 

Rust colour finishes contain rust and have the potential to leach rust onto surfaces. We recommend sealing all rust finished products with Porters Rust Seal (Available at Dulux paint Stockists) 

Maximus GRC Colour Samples

Potsonline - Maximus GRC - Polished Cement Grey
Potsonline - Maximus GRC - Raw Cement Grey
Potsonline - Maximus GRC - Textured Cement Grey
Potsonline - Maximus GRC - Rust
Potsonline - Maximus GRC - Rust
Potsonline - Maximus GRC - Textured Basalt
Potsonline - Maximus GRC - Polished Basalt


Potsonline - GRC Oblong Planter
Oblong Planter
Potsonline - Maximus GRC Cube Planter
Cube Planter
Potsonline - Maximus GRC Rustic Low Bowl
Rustic Low Bowl
Potsonline - Maximus GRC Giant Low Bowl
Giant Low Bowl
Potsonline - Maximus GRC Egg Shape Planter
Egg Shape Planter
Potsonline - Maximus GRC Tall Egg Planter
Tall Egg Planter
Potsonline - Maximus GRC Bung Planter
Bung Planter
Potsonline - Maximus GRC Tall Bung Planter
Tall Bung Planter
Potsonline - Maximus GRC Urban Low Bowl/Pond
Urban Low Bowl
Potsonline - Maximus GRC Classic Pho Bowl
Classic Pho Bowl
Potsonline - Maximus GRC Giant Trough
Giant Trough
Potsonline - Maximus GRC Giant Cone
Giant Cone
Potsonline - Maximus GRC Edna May
Edna May
Potsonline - Maximus GRC Tall Cylinder
Tall Cylinder
Potsonline - Maximus GRC Bell Planter
Bell Planter
Potsonline - Maximus GRC Divider Trough
Divider Trough
Potsonline - Maximus GRC Lightweight Trough
Lightweight Troughs
Potsonline - Maximus GRC Tube Planter
Tube Planter
Potsonline - Maximus GRC Giant Tub Planter
Giant Tub Planter