Potsonline Glazed Pots are all handmade and are wood fired in a traditional dragon kiln. The result unearths an alluring high quality glazed finish that will last a lifetime. You can be guaranteed of the highest quality when purchasing from Potsonline.

All our Glazed Pots are suitable to be converted to water features given the thickness, strength and durability of the product. Potsonline staff can assist you with any conversion to a water feature. There is a wide variety of colours and styles to choose from. You are sure to find the pot you are looking for that will enhance your home or garden.

From the traditional French Planter, the versatile Crucible Planter, or the popular feature Temple Jar, the Glazed collection offers choice to suit all style preferences.

The Adobe Jar and Tall Jar are standouts when used on their own as feature pots. They are also popular choices for conversion to water features along with the Temple Jar.

The Tall Egg Planter, Rocket Pot and Milan Pots are great choices to use in clusters around the garden, and inside the home, with multiple sizes available. They offer a wonderful traditional look.

Potsonline also sells Glazed Pots wholesale to garden centres, nurseries, and trade customers. Items can be packed on pallets for road transport or can picked up from our Sydney store in Dural. Potsonline also offer Glazed Pots in our container direct program with 20ft, 40ft, and 40ft high cube containers available.

When you buy from Potsonline, you are buying direct from the supplier.

Glazed Colour Examples

Potsonline - Glazed - Hot Pink
Potsonline - Glazed - Lime Green
Potsonline - Glazed - Fire Engine Red
Potsonline - Glazed - Lava
Potsonline - Glazed - Aqua
Potsonline - Glazed - Blue Cloud
Potsonline - Glazed - Copper Red
Potsonline - Glazed - Grey Marble
Potsonline - Glazed - Heavy Metal
Potsonline - Glazed - Sand
Potsonline - Glazed - Blue
Potsonline - Glazed - Orange
Potsonline - Glazed - Green Marble


Potsonline - Glazed Tree Planter
Tree Planter
Potsonline - Glazed French Planter
French Planter
Potsonline - Glazed Crucible Planter
Crucible Planter
Potsonline - Glazed Pumpkin Planter
Pumpkin Planter
Potsonline Glazed Adobe Jar
Adobe Jar
Potsonline - Glazed Milan Planter
Milan Planter
Potsonline - Glazed Tall Jar
Tall Jar
Potsonline - Glazed Rocket Pot
Rocket Pot
Potsonline - Glazed Noodle Jar
Noodle Jar
Potsonline - Glazed Tall Egg Planter
Tall Egg Planter
Potsonline - Glazed Starfruit Planter
Tall Starfruit Planter
Potsonline - Margaret Rimless Planter
Margaret Rimless Planter
Potsonline - Glazed Succulent Planter
Succulent Bowl
Potsonline - Glazed Tulip Planter
Tulip Planter
Potsonline - Glazed Wall Pot
Plain Wall Pot
Glazed Retro Wall Pot
Potsonline - Candy Rolled Rim Planter
Rolled Rim Planter