Giant Cone


Code: GRC-13


  Width/Length Height Volume Weight AUD
Size 01 25cm 22cm 6L 3kg $29.95
Size 02 33cm 28cm 12L 7kg $49.80
Size 03 41cm 36cm 26L 8kg $89.90
Size 04 49cm 43cm 45L 12kg $110.00
Size 05 58cm 51cm 80L 19.5kg $165.00
Size 06 67cm 59cm 140L 24kg $219.00
Size 07 77cm 68cm 235L 32.5kg $349.00
Size 08 88cm 77cm 350L 43kg $439.00
Size 09 98cm 87cm 450L 53.5kg $638.00
Size 10 110cm 90cm 600L 55.5kg $998.00


A modern twist on this classical shape planter to give a fresh contemporary look.

Larger sizes are ideal for feature tree or larger plants planting. A popular choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Colours Available:

Cement Grey



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