Classic Pho Bowl


Code: GRC-10


  Width/Length Height Volume Weight AUD
Size 01 44cm 24cm 20L 6kg $79.95
Size 02 58cm 25cm 40L 9kg $129.90
Size 03 66.5cm 33.5cm 75L 13kg $175.00
Size 04 75.5cm 39cm 115L 16kg $210.00
Size 05 84.5cm 41.5cm 175L 22kg $298.00
Size 06 95cm 47.5cm 270L 29kg $429.00
Size 07 115cm 51cm 400L 35kg $638.00


The Classic Pho Bowl provides a modern architectural look and the finish in the 3 colours is a polished contemporary look.

Can be used as both a planter or a pond, or converted to a self contained fountain. Talk to our Potsonline team for details.

Colours Available:

Cement Grey

Product Video