Cube Planter


Code: LW-TZO-08


  Width/Length Height Volume Weight AUD
Size 01 20cm 20cm 5L 1.5kg $45.00
Size 02 30cm 30cm 20L 3.5kg $65.00
Size 03 40cm 40cm 40L 6kg $110.00
Size 04 50cm 50cm 100L 10kg $189.00
Size 05 60cm 60cm 180L 15kg $289.00
Size 06 70cm 70cm 300L 20kg $429.00
Size 07 90cm 90cm 670L 38kg $710.00


A classic shaped planter that remains a popular choice.

Super light weight and durable with 7 sizes available in the range.

Available colours:

Terrazzo White
Terrazzo Black

Product Video