U Shape Planter


Code: AT-29


  Width/Length Height Volume Weight AUD
Size 01 26cm 42cm 15L 8kg $54.00
Size 02 34cm 50cm 30L 18kg $89.95
Size 03 44cm 55cm 60L 43kg $175.00
Size 04 54cm 68cm 120L 77kg $259.00
Size 05 64cm 80cm L kg $498.00


With 4 different sizes available the U Shape Planter is one of our most popular planters.

A very functional shaped planter that looks equally impressive on it’s own or in a pot cluster with height variations.

A popular choice for symmetrical placement on either side of an entrance doorway, gate or path way, or as a patio or balcony planter.

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