Tub Planter


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Sizing information

Name/Size Length Width Height Weight Price
Tub Planter - Size 1 (PLW16ME) 280mm 280mm 220mm 2kg $89.00
Tub Planter - Size 2 (PLW16ME) 400mm 400mm 310mm 4.5kg $149.00
Tub Planter - Size 3 (PLW16ME) 580mm 580mm 430mm 9kg $310.00
Tub Planter - Size 4 (PLW16ME) 720mm 720mm 560mm 15kg $529.00
Tub Planter - Size 5 (PLW16ME) 900mm 900mm 700mm 23kg $859.00
Tub Planter - Size 6 (PLW16ME) 1200mm 1200mm 900mm 40kg $1498.00

The Tub Planter is one of most popular lines for both residential and commercial applications.

The largest size is ideal for a feature tree planter.

It is available in 6 sizes, is stocked in Rust, and Patina is available via special order.

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Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, Size 4, Size 5, Size 6