Titan Bowl


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Sizing information

Name/Size Length Width Height Weight Price
Titan Bowl - Size 1 (PLW18ME) 700mm 700mm 260mm 9kg $395.00
Titan Bowl - Size 2 (PLW18ME) 900mm 900mm 320mm 17kg $710.00
Titan Bowl - Size 3 (PLW18ME) 1200mm 1200mm 400mm 26kg $1158.00
Titan Bowl - Size 4 (PLW18ME) 1500mm 1500mm 470mm 51kg $1679.00
Titan Bowl - Size 5 (PLW18ME) 1800mm 1800mm 520mm 80kg $2329.00
Titan Bowl - Size 6 (PLW18ME) 2120mm 2120mm 660mm 110kg $3534.00

A statement piece that is guaranteed to make a visual impact.

The Metal Effect Titan Bowl can be used as planter, pond, fire pit, or even a set planter. The super strong lip is suitable to sit on creating a planted seat planter.

The Metal Effect Titan Bowl also makes a great fountain. Talk to our Potsonline team for details.

It is available in 6 sizes, is stocked in Rust, and available in Patina by special order on 1300 730 269.

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