Jardine Tub Planter


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Sizing information

Name/Size Length Width Height Weight Price
Jardine Tub Planter - Size 1 (PATX01) 310mm 310mm 330mm kg $69.95
Jardine Tub Planter - Size 2 (PATX01) 380mm 380mm 390mm kg $98.00
Jardine Tub Planter - Size 3 (PATX01) 510mm 510mm 430mm kg $189.00
Jardine Tub Planter - Size 4 (PATX01) 620mm 620mm 530mm kg $420.00

A very functional and stylish shaped planter, the Jardine Tub Planter looks equally impressive on it’s own or in a pot cluster with height variations.

A popular choice for symmetrical placement on either side of an entrance doorway, gate or path way, or as a patio or balcony planter.

It is available in 4 sizes and is stocked in Atlantis Blue.

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Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, Size 4