Watch pots be made by hand at the village of our trading partners in Burma

November 13, 2018

Potsonline have established trading partners all round the world. Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Burma.

Today, Potsonline visits the factory and village of our partners in Burma.

Watch to see not only the amazing process involved in making pots by hand, but to also learn about the wonderful village and it’s people where the factory is located.

Pictured is 3100mm Giant Bowl Planter undergoing manufacturing process.

Potsonline lead the way on custom designed and made pots.

October 10, 2018

Potsonline can now make claim to producing the largest diameter pot with this Maximus GRC 3100mm pot.

Facing the difficulty and challenge, Potsonline have produced the largest diameter planter in a single cast , which will make this the largest spanning pot in Australia. With a massive 3100mm diameter this Maximus GRC pot has been designed and produced for a Top 20 International Brand Company, and will feature in a Sydney location opening later this year.

Previous to this, large spanning pots of this size have been made in sections and have had to be assembled on site, and then joined and pinned together. The challenge was put to Potsonline to be able to make a single cast piece, and to be able to find a solution in which this giant bowl planter could be packed in a shipping container. Given the fact that the diameter exceeds the width of shipping container, custom made support bars have been constructed so that this planter can be packed diagonally in Australia.

Potsonline continues to partner with some Australia’s leading construction companies in delivering custom made pots, working very closely with landscape architects and project managers in ensuring their designs can be achieved. Potsonline supplies wholesale garden pots to the Australian market, and has now filled a void in the building and design industry on delivering custom made pots.<

Castor Wheels test for a Custome Designed Pot!

October 8, 2018

Potsonline make custom designed pots to suit your needs.

This custom designed pot has cast wheels on each corner to allow our customers to wheel out their pots as needed.
These are particularly popular with businesses who need to move their pots on a daily basis.

Watch the Potsonline team test out the castor wheels.

Light Weight Terrazzo Pots Fire Test ends badly

September 29, 2018

At Potsonline we take the quality of our products seriously.
Watch and see our fire resistant test, a video not to be missed!

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