How to Seal a Pot for Indoor Use

This Atlantis pot has been sealed and waterproofed for indoor use.

Potsonline will seal and waterproof pots for you, so that any Potsonline décor pot can be used indoors. With a surge in popularity for indoor plants, feature décor pots are being used more often inside the home.  They not only provide an aesthetic appearance but secondly improve air quality in your home.

Once you seal the drainage holes and waterproof the interior of a pot, the need for a saucer is eliminated. As a consequence there will be no water mess or spills that will occur using a saucer. Put the Indoor Plant directly into the décor pot in the growing container it came in. You then can place Coconut fibre on top which conceals the inner pot. Additionally, when you use indoor pots in this manner it is much easier to move the plant when needed.

Why is doing this better than planting directly into the décor pot?

1. Planting directly into the pot with potting mix will require the use of a saucer to capture run off. The main problem is that excess water will overflow from the saucer and cause water spillage on the flooring. The result will be a hazardous and slippery floor or water damage to flooring.

2. With no saucer there will be no saucer ring stain on your floor.

3. Using a saucer can leave a stagnant odour and be a haven for mosquitos.

4. It is difficult to lift a potted up pot as it is heavy.  Futhermore, the saucer is difficult to get out to empty and clean. In comparison, with a waterproof sealed pot, any stagnant water can easily be removed with a sponge and bucket.  The interior is easy to clean and access.

5. It is easy to remove and replace plants when needed. You can move the plant to a new location or replace it if it is diseased.

6. Certain Indoor plants thrive on deep watering.  The plants is moved to a suitable spot outside. It is then soaked and left to drain. The plant is then placed back in the pot. Additionally the plant can be removed and placed outside on a rainy day.

Potsonline can seal and water-proof all pots that we stock. These include Atlantis Pots, GRC Pots, Lightweight Terrazzo PotsOldstone Pots, Ironstone Pots, Light Weight Stone Pots, and Glazed Pots. Simply choose a pot from the Catalogue and then request this service from the Potsonline team who will be happy to help and advise you of the cost of this service.


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