Choosing Pots

Potsonline Fibreglass Pots Fact Sheet

There are many names for the Fiberglass pots (with poly-resin) but the materials are vastly different.

Potsonline Fibreglass is made from pure poly-resin, stone powder, and fibreglass mesh and contains no additives such as cement, fibre composite matt, or water.

Many manufactures use additives to reduce costs, however, long term quality is second rate, and these pots will crack over a period of time.

How do they reduce manufacturing costs and how to spot the difference?

Manufactures place composite materials between fibreglass mesh sheets, or they mix poly with cement. Although this material is some what light weight, it is much heavier in weight to an identical shaped planter form Potsonline.

The second case is the water-mixed Poly resin fibreglass.
Factories uses a chemical additive that helps to mix water into poly-resin to reduce costs and maximize their profit. The ratio proportion for this process is 40% water and 60% poly resin. A visible sign of pots made in this way, is a greater thickness in the wall and rim of the pot, compared to Potsonline fibreglass identical shaped pot, since the pot wall is not strong enough to support itself at the same thickness as pure poly resin fibreglass. Overtime, pots made with water additive will break down and develop cracks.